Starting a Group Intro Kit

Starting a Group Intro Kit

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Each intro kit comes with all you need to get fully acquainted with Solo Parent Society’s Mission to start a group where you live.

Our guided format resources are created so anyone can lead a group. If you can read you can lead.

After you have read through the materials and have a one on one training session with one of our coaches you will be ready to lead solo parents in your community. We have found that facilitating these groups is incredibly rich and rewarding for both the participants and the facilitator.

Benefits of starting a Solo Parent Society group

  1. Being in a solo parent group allows you to unpack the chaos of trying to be enough with others who can relate to your struggle.
  2. Process emotions out loud with others; often, the simple act of sharing your feelings with others who have shared similar experiences frees up space in your heart and head.
  3. Being in community or company of someone who can empathize and offer support can give you much needed relief.

Included in the kit

  • 1 Going Solo - Hope and Healing for the single mom or dad - 15.99
  • 1 SPS Journaling Guidebook - $5
  • Private online training / coaching session- 29.99
  • Launch strategy and instructions - 9.99
  • Code to unlock the overview video content from the founder Robert Beeson
Over a $60 value for 29.99